Sarfaraz Ahmed talks about how he asked MS Dhoni for a pic with his son

Pakistan’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed is going through a wonderful phase of his cricketing career. Talking about the India-Pakistan rivalry, Pakistan was the better side in the final clash whereas India had won the game in the group stage.

However apart from cricket a couple of incidents show that the relationships between the players of the two teams have got better. MS Dhoni clicked a picture with opposition captain’s toddler son and then a few Indian and Pakistan player getting together for some laughter after the end of the game, these incident signify love and understanding between the two sides.

VIDEO: Watch Sarfaraz Ahmed talks about how he asked MS Dhoni for a pic with his son

Recently Ahmed also praised MS Dhoni for clicking a picture with his son. During a TV show in Pakistan a journalist asked the Pakistan captain about the photographs and he told that he saw MS in the hotel and he went after him and requested him to get a photo clicked with his son to which Dhoni readily agreed.

Sarfraz earlier also had expressed his admiration for Dhoni and had said that he too wishes to finish games like Mahi and he is inspired by the former Indian captain.

About the photograph incident Ahmed stated that “I was sitting in the lobby with my family. We were sharing the same hotel so once I saw MS, I went after him and asked for a picture of him and my son Abdullah. Once he grows up, he would have fond memories of him lapped on one of the greats of the game”

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