Cricketing activities at Iqbal Park resume

Cricketing activities at Iqbal Park (formerly Minto Park), the famous pre-partition cricketing arena, have started again after a gap of four years

Twenty clubs of North Zone affiliated with the Lahore City Cricket Association (LCCA) have set their nets at the said place which have revived the game’s activities at the renowned age-old sports venue.

“Yes, all the 20 clubs affiliated with North Zone are holding their nets at Iqbal Park after four years for which a special thanks message should go to Hamza Shahbaz Sharif whose efforts resulted in restoration of cricketing activities [at this place],” LCCA president Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad said while talking to reporters here on Monday.

According to Nadeem, Sports Board Punjab has also issued a special grant of Rs500,000 to laying nine mud pitches where 20 clubs affiliated with North Zone were engaged in net practice.

It may be mentioned here that four years ago, the Punjab government had bulldozed the entire sports complex to build Greater Iqbal Park and now it has started to restore sports activities at a newly-established area adjacent to Iqbal Park, a historical place.

Nadeem said thousands of young cricket aspirants would benefit from the nets facility at the Park, noting the old Lahore area has produced several talented Test players.

The clubs which are holding nets at the Iqbal Park include: Ihsaan Memorial, Mubashir Naeem Memorial, Pioneer, Faizbagh Gymkhana, Zafar Memorial, General Akhter Abdul Rehman Club, Youngster A Club, Ravi Gymkhana, Free Batter, Muslim Gymkhana, Young Muslim Gymkhana, Ravi Park Gymkhana, Baqa Jelani, Crown Club, Victorious Club, Young Victorious, Mahboob Park Gymkhana, Shumali Lahore Gymkhana, Crescent Club and Young Crescent Club.

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