Top 10 Cricketers with Fastest Centuries In One Day Internationals

ODI cricket came into being in 1971. Initially it faced harsh resistance from the traditional school of thought. Since then this version has sustained all the odds to establish itself as a most entertaining package of the game. This format gave birth to the initial version of the world cup in 1975 which further opened more avenues of entertainment and excitement. The odi format has seen countless moments of glory all through the history. But the most striking feature of this version of cricket is the urgency in the batsmen to score runs quickly.

It all started back in year 1996 when Sri Lanka won the world cup and they had invented a different style of play in opening 15 overs where Jayasuriya belted bowlers all over the place. He scored 100 against Pakistan in Singapore on just 48 balls. However 6 months later in October 1996 Shahid Afridi came from nowhere to announce himself on world stage with a 37 ball 100.

The entire cricket world was baffled when Shahid Afridi smashed 100 of just 37 balls. It’s time that we recap the epic innings where batsmen scored hundreds like a piece of cake.

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